Little Details To Up Your Jewellery Game

I love dainty jewellery. Adding little pieces into your summer wardrobe is the perfect way to spice up an outfit without overwhelming yourself with accessories. Especially now that we are hitting the summer months *YES SUN*, its the perfect time to think about updating your jewellery box, adding some new pieces and upping your accessory game.

Jewellery Box is an amazing company that offer such a mahoosive range of jewellery, from dainty little stacking rings to statement earrings. At the moment I am TOTALLY obsessed with silver (or white gold pieces) so I have hand selected a few of my favourites to show off with you from their site.

Firstly, THESE EARRINGS!! Oh my goodness am I in love with them. As a girl with only one piercing on my ears, I always long to have elongated, bold bars and chains that just look cool. And my god these are the coolest little hearts I ever did see. I love the bar separating each heart and how it covers my lobe, so cute!

If you aren’t into statement earrings and just want something simple and pretty, these plain silver heart earrings would be perfect. Just so simple. So classy but so perfect!

Carrying on with the hearts, this necklace is so gorgeous and matches so well with the earrings. I love the plain silver heart and the dainty chain- just looks so elegant and so simple. I am honestly going to be wearing this non stop in the future.

Now onto RINGS! My Faaaaave piece of jewellery is always a ring. Stacking rings are my fave and these three little pieces go together so perfectly that I just love the combo!

The three bar silver ring is so dainty, I have never seen anything quite like it! I love how it sits on my finger and just how diddy it is. I honestly cannot get over it.

The twisting ring is so pretty and is so eye catching. I love how well it goes as a stacking ring along with this BEAUtiful white gold crystal ring. Having them together as a stacking set is so perfect and works so well as a combo.

I am totally loving having updated my jewellery game and cannot wait to show these beauties off this summer.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own