The Approach To 19

So as of today, yo’ girl is turning 19. Some of you may be surprised to hear that I am 19. Its funny how in real life, I get mistaken for a 12 year old on a daily basis, yet on social media I am constantly told ‘OMG I thought you were at least in your 20s!’ which I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE TELL ME THAT!!

Maybe I am a bit of an old soul? Who knows.

But the truth is, as of the 2nd of June I will be in my last year of teenager-hood. And although so many of you will say ‘youre freaking out about turning 19?! Girl wait till you hit 30’ or whatever but I AM SO NOT READY TO BECOME AN ADULT.

When I was little, I assumed that at the age of 19 I would feel like such an adult. I would no longer rely on my mum and I would be in charge of my own diary and would be money wise and know how to pay rent. I dunno, I just thought that I would FEEL different.

But I guess one of the main parts of growing up is realising that you never really grow up.

No matter how old you are, you never FEEL like a grown up.

But when I think about it, I do all the things grown ups do. I have my own house (as of September), I drive and have my own car, I have a long term boyfriend, I go food shopping and do weekly washes and have my own savings account and a job. Looking back at things that I do, I am actually so proud of myself. I am doing so many adult things this summer and conquering so many fears of mine. SO yay me!

But its funny how I still don’t feel like an adult.

As it is now officially my 19th birthday I am kinda ready to hit my last year of teenager-hood and approach adulthood with confidence. Yay me!