Praising the Best and Forgetting the Worst; Why I Love My Job

I am a blogger. Duh, thanks for the update Ellie.

What I mean is, I am a blogger and this is my job. I take photos, I write posts, I retweet funny memes and I update you on my day in 180 characters (although hold your breath because it may be upping to 250 character. Exciting times).

Being a blogger and calling it my job comes with its ups and downs. And although I am not shy about complaining about it, sometimes I like to take a step back and look at my job from another angle. Think about what it looks like on the outside. Think of the perks I get and think about how much I bloody love it.

So today I am talking about 5 reasons why I love my job.


One thing that I am so grateful for is the freedom that this job involves. I mean sure it comes with deadlines and crappy sponsorships where nothing is ever good enough and rules and regulations. But for the most part, I have free reign.

If I am feeling crappy and need a week’s break, I can.

If I am feeling super motivated and want to bang out 6 posts in one night, I can.

If I want to drag my boyfriend out of bed on a Saturday just to take my outfit pics…. Well that one I still can do, I just have to spend the rest of the day making it up to him.

What I am saying is that I don’t have to be in an office, 9-5. I don’t have to check my shifts weekly to see when I am in. I don’t have to clock in and clock out and I don’t have to fill in a time sheet.

And for s girl who has done all of the above, it’s a nice feeling leaving that behind.


For a person that is very creative, it’s amazing to be able to draw on that every day and have fun experimenting. I love being able to perfect my flatlay. I love being able to shift through my wardrobe and find the perfect outfit to blog about next. I love being able to bring up different topics and discuss them on my blog and let you know what I am thinking or feeling.

Being able to be creative and have fun on my blog is actually one of the reasons I started and the main thing that keeps me going.


When I talk about relationships, not only am I talking about the blogging friends I have made out of this, but also the relationships you create with brands. Being able to just have a chat with the PR of Lancome and talk about their newest lipstick, or the PR of Charlotte Tilbury who say they want to hear my opinion about their foundation… these are pinch me moments.

Having this relationship is something that I never even dreamed of when I started blogging all the way back in 2014 (lol I know I feel so old), and I feel so privileged to be have these contacts and have these relationships.


This may be a controversial one, but I couldn’t lie and leave this out of this list. And just a disclaimer, I NEVER started blogging in the hope of getting gifts. To be honest, when I started bloggers didn’t really get gifts or PR packages.

But I won’t lie, every time a package comes through that door for me, I squeal (and more than a little). It’s such a surreal thing being gifted things from clothing and makeup brands and I feel so lucky and so humbled to be receiving these gifts.


Growth is a huge aspect of blogging; anyone would tell you that. And although I am not one of those bloggers who checks her follower count every day and ensures that her SEO is of maximum strength, I am so grateful to be able to say that I am constantly growing.

Being a blogger, there is a limitless amount to the growth that I can have and that’s INSANE. So many of my friends are in jobs where they already feel like they just can’t grow or advance anymore and they are just stuck in a dead end.

Whereas I know for me that I have a huge, HUGE sea of opportunity and growth out there, it’s just waiting for me to real it in.

Although I complain about blogging, and am the first one on twitter when a problem or nuisance occurs, I am bloody grateful to be able to say that this is my job, and there are so many reasons why I keep on it.