Overcoming Travel Anxiety

Whether its just a twang of nervousness as you begin your journey or full on sweats when you’re waiting for the plane to take off. Travel anxiety comes in all shapes and forms and is just THE WORST. I myself suffer from anxiety when traveling, but as someone who is in a partially long distance relationship and has constance wonderlust, I refuse to let myself get beat by the stress of travelling.

As odd as it may sound, I have definitely found that the more I travel, the less overwhelmed I get. And through my countless plane journeys and adventures, I have learnt a few tricks of the trade in order to calm my nerves (even just slightly) and make traveling that little bit more manageable.

If you also suffer from anxiety when you travel, then hopefully these tips will help make that journey easier and less stressful.

List after list after list

I love writing lists, and before I travel I usually have a notebook filled of them. I write lists about what I need to bring, how to get there, what I will do when I get there… It never ends. Having lists makes me feel a little less overwhelmed about everything that comes with travelling and just ensures that I have my bases covered.

Research Meticulously

I always research EVERYTHING before I travel. By knowing everything about the destination before I go makes me feel so much better. My boyfriend is such a ‘ride the waves’ kinda guy but that is SO NOT ME. I need to know what there is to do, eat, watch… I need to know everything! Being more clued up on where I am going really aids my anxiety.

Bring something that can calm you down

I always like to bring myself something to comfort me on the journey. Whether that’s a scarf, a stress ball or something similar. Binging yourself something that can comfort you and calm you down.

Practise breathing exercises

Anyone and everyone will tell you that when you get anxious, all you need to do is breath. And although it seems like stupid advice, it really does work. By practising breathing exercises you can really keep your anxiety at bay when you travel. Everytime I start to feel it creaping up on me, I practise the ‘11,7’ rule- breath in for 11 and out for 7. It calms your nerves and will really keep you grounded.