In Defence of Loving Your Own Company

I love my own company. I can sit by myself reading or writing for hours and I will love it. I am aware that this might be a bit odd for a 19 year old to be confessing to but here we are. I’m not saying that I am the kind of person who hates all people and just wants to be left alone all day… but at the same time I love being left to my own devices. I love just pottering about by myself and knowing that I am perfectly happy on my todd.

And I feel like people demonise loving your own company. SO many people are so scared of being by themselves that they make others feel bad for enjoying it. And hence todays post. I want to write about why, sometimes, its okay to want to be by yourself and enjoy your own company. Regardless of whether it makes you sound like an 80 year old.

The calm

I love how calming it is being on my own. I can just sit in my own silence and feel comfortable about it. Not having to deal with anyone else’s noise or behaviours for a little while is my favourite thing about being on my own. And even though I do love other people and having company, nothing beats the calming nature of being by yourself.

Positive energy

Something that I have really been focusing on recently is positivity and positive energy. By allowing myself to enjoy being alone, I get to surround myself with positive energy. I am sure we can all relate to those people who just bring negativity wherever they go and make you feel crap about yourself. So being on your own, and more so- ENJOYING IT, brings such a positive energy that you just cant beat!

Accepting yourself

Something that I have always heard experts say is that you can’t ever start a relationship with someone until you know who you are. And a major part of that for me is finding myself through my own company. Being able to eat by myself and cook by myself and not feel the need to have someone there all the time is such a great aspect to my own relationships. Being able to spend some time alone and accept yourself will really help you grow as a person.

If you are like me and enjoy your own company, stop letting people put you down for it. I would much rather spend the night alone in a bubble bath then go to the pub with people I only half know. So enjoy your own company. Enjoy being alone and just enjoy yourself.