Never Waste Money On Makeup Again

I used to be so dreadful when buying makeup. I would head out on a Saturday and pick up a million items that I didn’t need but wanted to try and ‘oh that looks pretty’ and of course I need 6 new lipsticks all in peach even though I have never owned a peach lipstick and I don’t know if it suits my skin tone. Do you feel me?

It got to a point where I realised that I was wasting so much money on makeup that I wasn’t really using. So I told myself to stop. I knew that I needed to be more self controlled and stop buying makeup on a whim. So here are my tips to stop wasting money on makeup.


Now when it comes to buying a new product that I want to try. I do my research. If there is a product I am interested in getting, I look up reviews and comments about what other bloggers think about it. There are a few bloggers who’s opinion I wholly trust and always get on with the products they recommend so they are usually my first point of call.

I then see which would be the best shade for me so that I don’t wast money on a colour that makes me look ill.

I have found that since researching products before purchasing, I have stopped wasting money on things that end up not suiting me or not agreeing with my skin.

Swatches or Testers

If there is a way in which you are able to get a tester or try a swatch of the product, I would highly recommend doing so before buying it. I love how whenever you buy something from Charlotte Tilbury, you can pick what samples you receive. That way if there is something that I have been thinking about buying for a little while, I am able to test it out before committing to buying it.

I find that this way I am able to get a full idea of how I react to the product.

Sell Sell Sell

If there are products that you did unfortunately buy and don’t agree with, then I would always recommend using depop. I sell SOOOOO much on depop at the minute (my username is @petiteelliee_ if you want to check out my store) and find that it doesnt feel like such a huge waste if I manage to get some money back from the product. It also means that someone else can enjoy the product that I didn’t.

So these are the things that I like to do in order to prevent myself from wasting money on makeup products. I hope these tips help!