My Travel Companion

Backpacks are SO IN right now. And I will admit, I am totally on board. I stylish back packs are such a cute accessory to add to an outfit. Everyone seems to be obsessed with a leather backpack but I am more into material ones. This Radley number is my perfect travel companion and has been coming with me everywhere I go recently.

The material is so soft and surprisingly waterproof! Exploring New York is going to be so perfect with this number, not having to worry about it getting wet or ruined with a spot of rain. As it is black as well, it goes with ANY outfit that I have and is such a staple piece to add to my wardrobe.

The black and gold detailing is so classic and so perfect!

My favourite detail about this bag is the inside patterning. The white and black polka dots are so cute and so classy. I looooove how it looks and think it adds such a cute element!

Shop this bag HERE if you want to get your hands on this beauty.