The Statement Bomber Jacket

I am such a sucker for a statement jacket. I am a sucker for any statement piece really. My wardrobe is all about basics and classic pieces, that I can change up with a statement piece. Bomber jackets are everything right now and a statement bomber is PERFECT for summer. This silk bomber is GAWGEOUS, with the black background and pop of pink colours, it just looks SO SUMMERY and SO PRETTY!

The way that I love to style it is with a black tee and a pair of blue jeans. The jeans are lovely at lightening the outfit up a little, as I found that wearing black leggings or darker trousers just looked so out of place in a summer wardrobe.

The shoes that I added are quite simple and don’t distract from the jacket, which is perfect! I am so in love with khaki and will wear khaki ANYTHING!

Here are some beautiful statement bomber jackets that are perfect for a British summer.

This one

Another one

Love this one

Oh this one

And this one

Aaaaand another one

Loving this one

Last one I promise