My Top Foundations For Summer

I wont lie to you, my skin is horrendous at the moment. I am not sure if its because I am eating like crap recently, I am working more (I work at a swimming pool) or its just hormones. But its kinda gross.

So because of that, I have been trying out lots of yummy new foundations in order to hide the grossness and cover up the ew. As a result, I have compiled a list of some FABBY foundations that I have been using and a lil explaining of why I loves ’em. You’re welks.

Nars Sheer Glow

WHAT AN ORIGINAL FOUNDATION TO BE TALKING ABOUT WELL DONE ELLIE. But seriously though, this is an all time classic. Its sheer. Its glowy. Its everything it says on the tin.

To be honest I haven’t been using this an overly massive amount of time because, as I said, my skin is ew. And although I love this foundation on a good skin day when I just want a little summin summin to give me that glow, it’s not the best at hiding ew-ness. So its fabby if you are actually getting out in the sun (lol what sun?) and have sun skin, unline yours truly.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear

Don’t even bother trying to pronounce that aloud or even if your head. Its basically the new Lancome foundation that is AMAZEBALLS. If you are not liking your skin right now then step this way sir.

This foundation is full coverage and a bit of a satin finish, so it doesn’t leave you looking like a well oiled wheel. I love how this makes my skin look when I am proper hating it and I keep lathering this on during my REALLY BAD skin days. YAY FOR LANCOME.

Lancome pt 2- the cushion foundation

Oops another Lancome product (there was no rule against that). You know me and my cushion foundation. I LOVE EM. I love how dewy they are. I love how easy they are to apply- no pumping, no spilling, no overdoing. They are just fab. I often take this away with me when I am traveling because they are so straightforward to have in your suitcase.

Only thing is- why do brands still bother with the stupid spongy cushion thing? Lets stop wasting our time, yeah?

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder

I couldn’t have a fave foundation blogpost without this one, could I? Although its useless at covering spots and ew-ness, its probably the best option for 90% of people in summer. Its lightweight, it enhances your tan, its glowy but not oily, it covers redness and just smooths the skin. Its amazing.

Only thing is, if you have ew skin like me, this aint gonna do nothing to help you.

Clinique Superbalanced Foundation

You know me and my super balance. Its a fave. An absolute fave (do I say that too much). Its quite similar to the Lancome tient one, but just feels much more lightweight. Its very covering, its amazing for under eye circles and gross spots, and is amazing when you got a tan!

Only thing I hate about this is that there is no bloody pump. Come on Clinique its the 21st century.

But I will forgive them because this foundation formula is just so amazing that is kinda counteracts the annoyingnes of not having a pump.

So there ya have it. My fave foundations that I have been using over the summer months and why. I am foundation crazy right now!