Style Inspiration and Finding Your Look

Is it just me or is instagram having a little moment? I feel like there has just been a sudden boom in style instagrammers and MY GOD I WANT THEIR WARDROBES. I love going through my favourite bloggers’ profiles and saving outfits that are damn hot. But sometimes it can make me a little disheartened about my own wardrobe and style.

truth is, I don’t think I have the best style. I often play it safe and dress kinda lazy (and whoever knows me in real life, not on instagram would probably agree). But I really want to get better at that. I really want to work on my personal style and grow it into something I am proud of (is that weird to say?)

But I really do. I want to be one of those girls who is on instagram showing cute outfits on the daily and making EVERYONE JEALOUS OF MY STYLE. But one step at a time Ellie.

If you are also looking at finding your own personal style, then here are my tips and the tricks that I am using to evolve my look.


So of course you need inspiration. Looking through your favourite bloggers’ feeds is such a helpful thing to do, but can also be a little dangerous. If you are going to look through other peoples’ style, make sure that you don’t lose your own. Don’t get so involved in what they are wearing that you forget about your own unique look.

I love saving posts and seeing what kind of outfits I like- skirts, dresses, boots, trousers… there is usually a theme. So I love going through my saved posts and seeing what I like, what I don’t and creating inspo to try and see what suits me.

– Looking through what you got –

Before you even think about shopping, go through your own wardrobe. More often than not you will find some hidden treasures that you haven’t worn in years but actually look DAMN GOOD.

– Then hit the town –

I love a bitta shopping but you need to hold yourself back. Put aside a large amount of time to allow yourself a chance to try on and asses what works best for you. I have found that as much as I LOVE wrap dresses, they just don’t suit my petite frame. So going shopping (and bringing someone who’s opinion you trust) is so helpful and stops you wasting money on items you wont wear.

– Mix and match –

I love mixing up outfits and seeing what works well with each other. More often than not (and probably because I wear a lot of monochrome), items can be worn in many different ways with many different combinations and looks HELLA CUTE.

I am seriously enjoying exploring my style further and seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. A lot of you have actually noticed and OMG THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.

Be sure to keep an eye on my insta to see more about what I have been loving, trying out and how I have been styling my new looks! And if you like it, be sure to let a girl know- I love knowing what you think!

So here’s to finding our unique style and unique look.