How To Stay Stylish On A Budget

As a uni student, I am pretty much flat out broke. I have barely any money to spend on food never mind clothes. But I am also a shopaholic, which doesn’t come hand in hand with being a student. But NEVER THE LESS! I have compiled a list of ways to spend your money wisely while looking hella cute.

– Use the sale rail –

Not meaning to toot my own horn but I do have a sale rail on my shop page. Its always up to date and always has AMAZING sale items! I love to go onto my favourite bloggers shop pages to see if there are any sale items. I find that this can save soooo much money and is such an easy way to find the good sale items without having to trudge through the whole website!

– Try before you buy –

This especially comes into beauty products. High end brands are more than happy to dish out free samples of things in order for you to try them. IF you are thinking about stretching your money a little for a more expensive item, you want to make sure that you are going to LOVE it before you splurge. So definitely try before you buy!

– Let fate decide –

If ever you are unsure whether you should buy something or not, let fate decide. I usually say to myself to walk away, leave it a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks. Then if you are still thinking about it, go back and see whether it is still there. If it is, that’s fate telling you to buy it!