Denim On Denim

I am such a huge fan of denim on denim. And I know, I know. Its wrong. Its a massive NO NO and you should never do it and its a fashion sin and blah blah blah. But actually… I dig it! I am loving denim on denim at the minute and have been wearing it 24/7.

The way in which I have been wearing this sinful outfit is with my favourite black denim jacket and mom jeans. If you have been following me for a while, you will have seen these mom jeans before and will know how obsessed with them I am! I love the light wash denim on them and pairing them with the black denim on the jacket is so complimentary. The cropped hem of the jacket is much more flattering with the mom jeans as it allows you to see the waist line from the jeans. I also find that the cropped top is a lot more flattering on the mom jeans as it allows you to show the waist line again. I’m talking about the waist a lot because it can be difficult wearing mom jeans in autumn. You have to make sure that you do not wear long layers over the jeans, otherwise the bagginess of the jeans will take over and make you look a lot bigger than you are.

I have accessorised the blue jeans with a brown belt which looks so cute poking out of the cropped top! I also have my cute quilted bag from Marc Jacobs that is perfect for just popping to the shop or running errands. I’ve also got on my Adidas (cough fake cough) Yezes because they are so comfy and the monochrome looks gorgeous against the blue jeans. Also, yes I am wearing watermelon socks mate!!