My Half-Year Goals


Can anyone believe that we are over half way through the year? HALF WAY? Nope. Me neither. Still feels like March to me. But alas, we are here and we are rushing into the final half of the century as quickly as Ross rushed into bed with the girl from the coffee place.


And seeing as we are running full steam into the final half of the year, I thought it would be a nice idea to think about the goals I want to set myself before the dreaded 2020 appears. (anyone else still feel like 2008 was like 2 years ago?) I love looking at what I want to achieve and thinking about where I want to be in a years time and how I can get myself there. I’m such a goal orientated person so being able to sit down and think what do I want? Is so beneficial for me. So here are my half year goals that I want to have achieved before the end of the century.



Visit 6 new places before the year’s up

I’ve been so lucky that in the last few weeks I’ve been able to travel more than I ever have before and I have been in my element. Despite having the worst travel anxiety (who doesn’t) I adore being able to travel, jet set and visit places that I never have before. I don’t want it to stop!! I want to keep travelling, keep adventuring and keep discovering new places that I’ve never been to before.


Host my family in the new flat

Despite having been in the new flat for a few months now, I’ve still not been able to host mine or Alex’s family and I’ve been dying to! As they both live so far away it’s so difficult to organise a time when everyone can come together. But having the space finally to hold a group of people is something that I have wanted for so long, and now that we have it, it’s needs to be made use of!!



Can you believe that YOUR GIRL GRADUATED. I worked my butt off throughout my degree and it felt soooo good to be handed my diploma and told ‘you did it’.


Grow My Business

I am so, so grateful for the growth that I have experienced in the past year or so. I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s been a hell of a lot of hard work- but seeing the hard work pay off is 100% worth it. I’m really excited to see my business grow even further and to see the opportunities which come my way because of it.


I would love to know what goals you’ve got and what you want to achieve before the end of the year- let’s empower one another, girl!