What’s On My Radar This Summer


For ages I’ve been staring at a blank doc, trying to come up with a cool or funny way to introduce this blogpost. Something about the heat, or the sun, or my unwavering desire to shop. But alas, you’re stuck with this.

This v boring and brain dead intro which basically just says ‘hey I’ve been scrolling through a hell of a lot of online stores now that I have an extra hour since Love Island finished and thought I would share some of my favourite finds with you’.

I mean it doesn’t get anymore straight to the point than that.




I feel like this year is the year of the hats. I never used to think of myself as much of a hat person- something about me having a pea head. But this year I have just found my VIBE when it comes to hats. I’ve been gravitating towards them with so many outfits and I’m LOVING the outcome. Yay for hats.


Lighter Colours

I’ve been loving adding a lighter colours to my wardrobe – from a girl who used to wear all black, I don’t even recognise myself anymore. I used to be so scared of light colours and always stuck to darker tones. But now I am loving elevating an outfit and making it so much more summer appropriate by incorporating lighter tones.


Natural Tones

When it comes to fashion AND homeware, natural tones are seriously high on my radar. I adore the texture that they bring and the earthy tones, especially for the summer months. Anything from straw to linen, something that brings me that little bit closer to nature is what I am all for.



Lighter makeup

I have never normally been the kind of girl who likes to wear really thick makeup on a daily basis, but this summer I have noticed myself more and more gravitate towards much lighter makeup. Even the thought of wearing mascara in this heat gives me the shimmers. All I want is some brow gel, a BB cream, some bronzer and I’ll be on my way.