My Favourite Podcasts

Recently I have been LOVING podcasts. When I’m driving, when I’m on the train, even when I’m just giving the house a clean. Whenever I get the time, I love sticking on a podcast. I don’t know what it is but there’s just something so warming at having your favourite podcasters chatting away to you about the topics of their choice. Whether it’s a business podcast, a fashion podcast or just talking about their week- its comforting… it feels like you’re having a conversation with a friend.

And with the rise of podcast popularity, there are soooo many out there to choose from. So I thought that I would put together a little post to tell you which ones you really should be listening to!

Keeping it Candid

Let’s start off with the one that EVERYONE is talking about- and if you haven’t heard of it then have you been living under a rock? It’s keeping it candid by Sophie Milner and Millie Cotten. Two blogging BABES in the blogosphere and two girls who seem to be crushing life. In their (sort of weekly) podcast, they talk about their week, what’s happening in the blogosphere, things in the news and anything in between. Being described as a ‘pop culture podcast’, Sophie and Millie cover such a range of topics that honestly make me laugh, and occasionally cry. Their ease of conversation just shows how comfortable around eachother they are, which honestly makes you feel like you’re joining in with a chat with your gals.

Take Fl1ght Podcast

My next favourite is the amazing Take Fl1ght podcast by Mark Whittle. In these episodes MArk talks to some inspirational and successful people in their industry in order to extract exactly what it is they do/ did to get them where they are now. They talk about success, about hard work and about what motivated them to get where they wanted to be. My favourite episode was with Lydia Millen- she is such an inspiration and anyone who is thinking about a career in this industry should definitely give it a listen. I love how motivated and inspired every one of Mark’s episodes makes me feel!

At Home With

Another girl power duo- at home with… is the baby of Anna Newton and Lilly Pebbles. Their ease behind the mic and how comfortable they are around eachother really highlights their friendship, and again makes it feel like you’re having a good old chin-wag with your pals. In these episodes (we are now on series 2) they visit inspiring people’s homes, and have a chat. They talk about their home, give you a little description, they talk abotu their jobs, their family and life in general. If you are looking for an easy listen, this is the podcast for you.

Girl Vacuum

This podcast is the baby of Emily and Emily, such a duo! These girls are also really good friends, which shows in the ease i=of conversation and how comfortable they are around eachother. Emily and Emily discuss topics from sex robots to lip fillers- and is such an easy going listen! I love just sitting down and hearing them chat about the latest news they have for us, it literally feels like I am having a catch up with old friends.

I am always on the hunt for a new podcast to get stuck into, so please do let me know what podcasts you have been loving recently!