How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are a goal that so many bloggers strive for. It really isnt easy and is something that I have been striving for for YEARS. And although I may not be 100% there, I have seriously improved and become much better at keeping my wardrobe full of basic pieces.

Keep it simple

A top tip that any capsule wardrobe queen will give you is to keep your pieces simple. The key to a smaller wardrobe is having more pieces that go with more things. The more that goes with eachother, the more outfit choices you have.

For example, black goes with EVERYTHING, whereas yellow might be a bit more difficult to style…

Get a few statement pieces

Statement pieces can go a looong way. Especially if the rest of your wardrobe is filled with staples. I love having the odd statement coat or statement shoe to really mix up and spice up an outfit. It also means that you can mix and match your staples with your statements. Perfect way to make it look like you have more clothes than you do!

One in, one out

I always love the rule, one in one out. When I can I really try and live with it. That means, whenever you treat yourself to something knew, you can only get it if you trade it for another piece. So you can only buy a new top if you get rid of an old one. Its a great way to keep y our wardrobe size to a minimum and reduce overfilling it with items you never wear.