Let’s Have A Little Chat About Regret


‘Things always happen for a reason’ is something I like to tell myself. I told it to myself when I failed my exams. I told it to myself when I got out of a toxic relationship and I told it to myself when I didn’t get the job I wanted. It’s that little piece of comfort that helps you when you’re questioning everything. It’s what brings you through and stops you from spiralling into a pit.


I also believe in no regrets, or ‘no ragrets’- usually an excuse to eat the whole bag of maltesears but hey ho. Because I guess I don’t really believe in regrets. I believe that everything happens for a reason and every little life lesson you have learnt has gotten you to this place, with this set of people and with this life. And even the slightest change would rock the whole course of history (well your history anyway).




But what happens when there are a few little things you really do regret? You look back and think ‘god I wish I did that differently’. Yeah maybe it’s gotten you to where you are now, and made you who you are, but you wish you could have gotten to that stage through a different means.


There are definitely a few things that I think make me who I am, but I really do wish I had gone about things a little differently.


Here’s a few things I wish I had done differently and may even say I regret:



My First Relationship

I was 15 when I got into my first relationship and I think it’s safe to say that I was VERY young and VERY naive. I shut out a lot of my friends and made some very questionable life choices. I know that I learnt A LOT through the mistakes I made and I am who I am because of those choices. I just wish I had learnt those lessons in a different way.



Setting up a Snapchat account

Something I would 100% say I regret is setting up a Snapchat account. What was cool when I was 17 is now the most frustrating and time consuming way of showing me just how much fun everyone I know is having. I’ve since deleted the app and I can tell you now that I am so much happier.



Not putting myself out there

When I first started blogging, I was so afraid of putting myself out there. I used to not take photos of my face and would hide my personality quite a bit. I do wish that I wasn’t as scared as I used to and would take the plunge to stop being so scared and just put myself out there.