Trend Talk: Why You Need Broidery Anglaise In Your Wardrobe














Spring is one of my favourite seasons when it comes to trends. I always find that there are so many new styles, fabrics and fashions to try out as the sun graces us with her presence and life seems that little bit less gloomy. I adore mixing up fabrics and trialing new styles to see what suits me, which is why I have jumped onto the broidery Anglaise trend like a dog on a done.


What tf is Broidery Anglaise? I hear you ask. Well my petite pois, if you want the dictionary definition, it is is a whitework needlework technique incorporating features of embroidery, cutwork and needle lace, but if you want my definiti

on, it’s pretty white lacey tees that are amazingly detailed and make you feel like a spring princess.

Whichever definition you want to take, I wont take offence.



But I am here to tell you why you NEED this trend in your life, because I am telling you that it is here to stay this spring and will continue in force in summer 2019.


First of all, it is cauuuuuute.


I have always considered myself a bit of a girly girl, so being able to pair my basic jeans with something that brings out a bit of femininity is something I am very excited about. The detail in the lace adds such a gorgeous focus point to your outfit that lets you dress up any pair of jeans (we all know that jeans-and-a-nice-top outfit you always say you’re going to wear?)


I have linked some of my favourite Broidery Anglaise items which are all on the highstreet at the moment for your ease and comfort and would love for you to tell me your favourite!





Imageray- Ami Ford Photography