Layering Pieces To Change Up Your Look This Winter

I love experimenting with my style. I love being able to try new pieces and try new styles and change up my look. One way in which I am experimenting with my style is through different pieces of jewellery. I am LOVING layering my jewellery at the moment and using them as focus pieces within an outfit. Jewellery Box are my absolute BABES when it comes to allowing me to experimenting with layering because they have so many stunning pieces and are so affordable, so when I am wanting to stack up, I don’t have to worry about my basket being more expensive than my rent! Because I love jewellery box so much, I thought that I would show you some of my favourite pieces from them that I am styling up and stacking to create great statements.

First of all, you want to look at textures. Although some people love chose to mix their metals, I prefer the continuity of the sterling silver and how the necklaces almost look like their are part of one piece. Also when looking at textures, its so important to look at lengths, I mean a layering piece wouldn’t really work if all the necklaces are the same length! Make sure that you have different lengths in order to show that height between the pieces.

I also love looking at shapes and how they can mix together in order to juxtapose each other (OMG big word I know). I adore the triangle next to the heart beat next to the circles, its just a fab way in order to create a statement through the shapes.

Also necklaces are a FAB way to mix up, I also love layering my bracelets. Having a few pieces on my wrist and layering them up is such a fab way to add a little summin summin to an outfit. Again I have gone for sterling silver (maybe one day I will be brave enough to mix metals but for now lets appreciate the continuity of the silver). I adore the circle and star shapes together and how they mix. I think its such a fab way to mix up your style a little bit.