A Personal Style Update

I get called a fashion blogger A LOT. Like a hell of a lot. Which I wont lie, always baffles me. I never really think of myself as very stylish. I don’t attend fashion week, I don’t buy Vogue or Elle on the daily and I am still supporting the same boots that I bought back in 2012. I mean I will snap the odd outfit pic for my insta if I am feeling especially sassy and I will chat about the new knitwear I have purchased. But I am not an overly stylish person. I am not very inspirational and I am not very good at talking about fashion.

But recently I feel a little differently in terms of style. I used to be so lazy and just stick to leggings and a cosy jumper on the daily (and although this post isn’t really showing you any different), recently I have been having a bit of a style epiphany if you will. I have been LOVING experimenting with my style and I have been really enjoying playing around with different items, layering up pieces and styling different looks. I have some new pieces that I can incorporate into my wardrobe and I have been really thinking a lot more about what I would FEEL good in as well as look good.

I wrote a post recently about comfort vs style, and I basically came to the conclusion that actually, you dont have to sacrifice one for the other. I have realised that if I am not comfortable, regardless of how cute the outfit is, I aint gonna wear it. I don’t like being uncomfortable. I don’t like not feeling happy in my outfit and I dont like feeling anything but comfy. So being aware of what you love is something that really helps when thinking about style.

I don’t know what has hit me but I have just been hit with such a style inspo wave and am really enjoying thinking a lot more about my outfits. I watched Suzie’s video ‘outfits you may already own’ (watch here) and it just gave me that extra ZANG to look into my wardrobe and pick out pieces that I have had for years but might not be getting the love they deserve.

So if you are in a bit of a style rutt or feel like you just arent investing the time into styling up outfits, I would really encourage you to just take a step back, look into your wardrobe and asses what pieces you have. What looks good? What feels good? What do you wear a lot? What do you never wear?

By being able to identify these things you can pick out a few pieces to work with and be able to build something up from there.

I know this post is a bit rambly and I am sorry if it is a bit pointless. But the point I am TRYING to make is that I am loving style. I am loving fashion and expressing myself through my outfits and through my style. So be expecting a few style things coming up and some more pieces that I might be showing off!