Is Blogging A Middle Class Profession?

I love blogging. It’s my escape, my little extra income and my passion. But recently I have seen more and more issues with the community and with people wanting to blog- which got me thinking, is blogging a middle class job?

As a student, I can’t afford a great deal. I live off my student finance and make a little extra money on the side from my social medias (anyone who has gone full time from blogging PLEASE share your secrets). I do not have a great deal of money. I buy what is necessary and will sometimes make a few cheeky purchases. But I often feel like I just can’t keep up.

I think a damaging side of blogging is the consumption surrounding it. With all these girls doing weekly asos hauls and round ups of what they have bought the past month and videso titled "OMG I spent £300 on Boohoo’. In my opinion, it’s just damaging. And I know, I know. They mostly do not keep all of the items and send back 90% of what they bought. But who here can honestly put their hand up and say that they don’t feel just a little bit exploited by girls showing you £300 worth of clothes just to return them all again?

Is blogging a middle class profession? If I had to give a one word answer, I would probably say yes.

I mean sure to START a blog you really don’t need anything. When I started all those 4 years ago, I was using my little iphone 4 and a £50 laptop that my parents bought me for my 14th birthday. But as the years have gone on, and as my passion has developed, I have invested a heck of a lot.

I bought a camera, I paid for a domain. I pay for hosting. I spend money of photoshoots. I buy props that would look cute in pics. I go to places literally JUST to get a cute snap of it.

And that costs a bloody lot of money.

And yet I STILL feel like I can’t keep up. I can’t show you 10,000 new outfits and I can’t haul beauty products. I usually wear a year old top in my pics (Which really irritates my followers) and I will shamelessly outfit repeat. And that’s what keeps me behind.

I think it really is time to stop glorifying BUYING. Stop glorifying hauls and loads of new purchases and the 10,000 lipsticks that you own that ALL LOOK THE SAME. It’s time to open up the blogging world to ever single class and stop making others feel less worthy.

It’s time to take blogging out of the middle class and open it up to everyone.