The BumBag Trend- Win Or Bin?

If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be sporting a bumbag over my mom jeans, heading to town for coffee with the girls I would have scoffed in your face whilst I played on my blackberry with my moustache pillow and neon converse. But now they are EVERYWHERE. You can’t turn a corner without seeing snaps of cute bloggers sporting a bumbag (usually completed with a gucci logo) or even turning average, over the shoulder bags into bumbags by tying them around their waste!! Its fashion, its trendy, its in.

But is it a winning trend or one we are going to bin as soon as festival season is over?

Personally, I fricking love the trend. As a girl who looses EVERYTHING (I have been banned from clutch bags on a night out), the bumbag trend is kind of perfect for me. All you need to do is strap it to your waste and voila- jobs a goodun’. I have been LOVING this muimui bag- one that my mum bought me for Christmas because she read in vogue that they were coming in (bloody love that woman). And I am kinda obsessed with it!

The massive thing that I have been seeing everywhere is leather bumbags. Styled with dresses, styled with jeans, styled with skirts- its seems that any outfit can be completed by adding that little accessory to the front of your vagina. And my little leather number is my FAVE- the black with gold hardware really makes a statement and adds such a focus to any outfit.

I was a little worried when I first started sporting my bumbag- I always worry that I ‘cant pull off’ a lot of trends. But one night (after loosing my keys for the 5th time), I decided to style it for a night out and MY WORD the amount of compliments I got! So many girls asking where it was from and how I styled it and OMG Its just so cuuuuute.

So yay me, trend setter.

When it comes to the bumbag trend I personally think it is one that SHOULD stick around. I mean, it’s cute, it’s practical and means that you can throw as many shapes when in the club as you want. Winner.