How I Am Doing My Hair For Spring

I never used to be much of a hair girl. I was more the sleep-on-wet-hair, shove-in-it-a-messy-bun, leave-the-house-looking-like-I’ve-been-dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards. But no more. Lazy hair Ellie has left the building and been replaced by a domestic hair goddess who never leaves the house without looking FLY.

The tool that has just completely changed my view on hair is the Lee Strafford Coco Loco Wanderball wand, a phenomenon I have always looked at with confusion. I wont lie, before trying it I was rather sceptical. My hair is not usually one to take a curl and the bobbles look like something that should not go near your head!! But my goodness has it changed the way I get ready in the morning!!

This gorgeous pink and rose gold wand (I repeat PINK AND ROSE GOLD) gives you such a range of curls for any look. The way that I have been styling my hair is by going for very messy, slept in beach curls (very Suzie inspired). All you need to do to create this look is wrap your hair between each bobble for 5 seconds, then let go and give it a shush in your hands! Then a quick hairspray once you have done your whole head and voila!!

As a girl with extremely thick hair I have never been so excited to actually DO something with it!! My favourite thing about the whole Coco Loco range is that they are all infused with coconut oil (I KNOW), which gives you hair a bit of a pamper while you are styling it! As someone who bleaches and highlights her hair, this is honestly a god send!!

I am so excited to start really investing in my hair and exploring the different styles I can create with this wand. Thank you so much to Lee Stafford for inspiring me to change up my hair routine (or introduce a hair routine into my life) and for making me more exited than ever to get ready in the morning!