The Mid-Sized Girl’s Guide To White For Spring

I am a mid-sized girl. Alternating between a size 10 and 12, I find that finding the right clothing can be quite a struggle. I am not a runway model, yet not looking in the plus sized range. I’m an awkward, mid-sized girl in a petite-or-plus world.

Well being that mid-sized, shortie, I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations when it comes to clothes shopping and believe me when I say that I have made many a mistake in my time. It’s been a long, fashion-disaster road to come to a point where I feel like I am finally getting it right. I know where I sit on the highstreet and can find the needle that is a perfect look in the haystack of the fashion industry.

And it is because of that that I want to impart a lil’ bit of wisdom onto you, my friend. A guide to finding an outfit that makes you look good and, above all, FEEL GOOD. So alas, here is the start of  a little series of posts, or a petite series if you will. And today we are kicking off with how to wear WHITE.



White? I hear you cry? But I have kids and drink coffee and my dog will jump up at me and urmmm are you crazy?!?!


Well, maybe a little.


But the newest trend that you can’t ignore is the simple colour we all shudder at. White.


It’s a colour which I have previously shied away from for multiple reasons. One of which I am the clumsiest person in the world and the other reason is because it’s the opposite of my safe colour. Black is safe, black is flattering, black is easy. White is bold, white is less forgiving and white is HERE.


But it really does not need to be a colour that we are so afraid of and can even be one that we get to have a bit of fun with! I mean, what doesn’t go with white? So here are my top tips from a mid-sized girl for how to wear white this spring.



Look at the fit

One thing that you have to be more careful of with white is the fit/cut/shape of the item. Black is so much more slimming and easier to style, whereas we all know that if you’re not careful, white can cling to all the wrong places. So choose your fits carefully.

I prefer to pick cuts that taper in at the waist and big me plenty of room to hide the food baby. No judge, your girl loves pasta.

Peplum and wrap styles are the perfect look to go for- flattering, figure hugging and very feminine. Yes, yes and yes.



When it comes to styling white, I always look carefully at what I want to pair it with. I find that, especially in spring, styling white with darker tones can make it look a little stark and a little out of place. Instead, otp for neutral tones or even pastel colours. Light blues, greys or beiges are  your best friends, or your white tee’s best friend I guess.




You knew I would get onto this, didn’t you. Ahh the dreaded washing. Taking care of your clothes. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

But seriously, looking after your whits takes work and it’s not something you can shy away from if you want to make them last. If you’re the kind of person like me who usually just bundles everything into the wash, puts it on a quick cycle and bobs your uncle, then you need to change your ways. Or at least change them with your white clothes- I mean who really separates every colour?

Put your whites on a cold wash and use a white pad (you can get them from any supermarket) to keep your whites looking pearly and your clothes like new.

Don’t worry about it

If you’re anything like me, then the first time you take the plunge and wear white will give you shivers and leave you not wanting to go near coffee, smoothies or any kind of food for that matter. Well to that I say, screw it. Life is too short to worry so much about spilling. So buy yourself a coffee, order the chicken tikka sub and live your life…. And maybe invest in Vanish stain remover, just in case.