How To Unwind At Christmas

Christmas is the ultimate time to unwind- your spending time with your family, you’ve got some time off work, the whole world seems to be shutting down. But you’re anything like me, unwinding can be one of the hardest things you are expected to do. I thrive of work. I love being busy, I love having things to do, and I love feeling like I am bossing my day. But I will be the first person to admit that that is not a healthy lifestyle to lead 24/7. So for me, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get a bit of ‘me’ time and officially unwind.

Turn on your out-of-office

Nothing fills me more with joy than switching on that ‘out of office’. As soon as the festive season draws closer, I will switch that little button on and smile as my emails slow down. If anything urgent pops up, I can see to that. But all other emails can wait until the new year, new me comes to boss through that inbox.

Watch a Christmas movie

I am the worst for watching films, even if I am watching one I am usually also on my phone or have my laptop out in front of me. Give yourself, finally, some time to sit down and watch a full film with no distractions. You’ll be amazed how quickly the time goes and how much more zen you feel because of it.

Book in some family time

As I said, Christmas is a time to spend with family, so schedule in a bit of family time is essential. Get yourself over to mums, aunties or whoever you want to visit and enjoy their company. Switch your phone onto airplane mode if you must! Just be present in the moment and enjoy some quality time together.

Plan some Christmas activities

You know those things that you say you want to do every year but never get round to? Well now is your chance to go ice skating, visit Santa Claus with the kids or see the lights on the tree. Whatever it is, plan in some festive activities and stick to them- it’s amazing how much fun you could have.

Photography- Ami Ford