Here’s What To Wear For Christmas Day

One of my favourite outfits to shop for is my Christmas Day outfit. Some spend the day in their Pj’s but not me. As soon as the presents are opened I am straight up, in the shower and getting myself into my new look. It’s somewhat of a tradition for me. I find picking my Christmas outfit so important, not just for looks but also for comfort. Although I want to look hella cute for all the thousands of pics that will be taken and shared on the family whatsapp, I also want to be comfortable. Christmas day is a day that involves a lot of food. A lot of food. So tight clothing, uncomfortable clothing and jeans are all out of the question. I want to be able to eat as many pigs in blankets as my heart desires without worrying about having to pop open a few buttons.

That’s why this year I have picked up a pair of tartan trousers from New Look. I feel like tartan trousers are just EVERYWHERE at the moment and I am all about that trend. Nothing makes me feel as festive as a bit of tartan. This is a bit of a twist on the classic print, however with this black/purple tartan look. I love how they look and they are honestly SOOOOO comfortable. I am between a 10 and a 12, so I sized up to a 12 and I do not regret it. Now pass me the yule log and another quality street choccy.

As I said, Christmas day is also a day I like to feel that little bit special. So all things glitter, sequins and sparkles is what I am all about. This pink sequin jumper is everything that my heart desires and I am soooo in love with how it looks with the trousers. It is so snuggly and not itchy at all, although I will warn you that it is WARM so if you’re family likes to have a roaring fire on during the big day then I would not recommend anything underneath.

Most people on Christmas day tend to stay in the same place and not move from the sofa, but our family tradition is to head over to out aunties in the afternoon, so I like to have a little bag with me. This beaded red bag is EVERYTHING for Christmas and I am SO in love with it! I mean, can you get any more festive?

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