My Favourite Festive Traditions

We all have Christmas traditions- it’s something that makes Christmas so special. Whether it’s the traditionally pub crawl, the annual family meet up or just watching the same film ever year, having those traditions are something that make this season so exciting! I almost feel like the run up to Christmas is better than Christmas itself- just me?

Regardless of whether the traditions started 2 years ago or 22 years ago, they are just as important and just as special in making Christmas what it is. So here are my favourite Christmas traditions!

Going to the Christmas market

I LOVE visiting the Christmas markets. There is just something about enjoying a Bailey’s hot chocolate while listening to Buble on the overhead speakers while people hustle and bustle around you looking at the goods in each stall. It’s just so magical and my favourite kind of atmosphere.

Wrapping Presents

I am the official present wrapper in my household. Any present that isnt for me is wrapped by me. From my boyfriend to my mum, they all hand their gifts over to me and say ‘take it away’. Don’t know what it is but I just LOVE wrapping presents. I just find it so therapeutic and so relaxing! So if anyone is still yet to wrap their gifts then send them my way!

Christmas movies

Whether you start watching festive films in October or the 23rd of December, there is something so special about watching those Christmassy movies and getting in the festive spirit! My personal favourites are Love Actually (of course) and It’s a Wonderful Life. The classics!

Family pub trips

Heading down to the pub to see all my family is such a great (and new) tradition. I love getting in from the freezing cold and enjoying a drink around a roaring fire together as everyone chatters away. Such a special time!

What are your favourite traditions? I would love to know!