How To Survive Moving In With A Partner

It’s gotten to that stage. You think you’re ready. You’re excited. You’re moving in with your partner. But then the reality sinks in. What if they annoy you? You’ve never lived with this person before. What if they have really annoying habits? Will you have to get rid of all your clothes? Omg they’re gonna see all the weird things you like to do and OMG WHAT IF YOU’RE IN THE SHOWER AND THEY COME IN TO PEE???

Okay, calm down, deep breath.

It’s very normal to feel these things and hell, I felt them too.

Moving in with a partner is a massive life decision. It changes your relationship, it changes the place that you live and it changes you. But it’s not all bad, I promise. Moving in with a partner can be so much fun and a massive learning curve for the both of you- here are my top tips for surviving moving in with a partner.


The oldest but the best advice you can ever get. Compromising with your partner is essential in being happy and living together as harmoniously as possible. Trying to ‘win’ an argument or always get your own way just won’t fly when you live together. By working things out and reaching a solution which you are both happy for will make for a much happier living situation.

Set boundaries

It is very important to set boundaries when you move in together. For me, those boundaries involve my own space, having a tidy(enough) place and having time to work on my blog. For Alex, it’s me being off my phone to watch a film, and needing his own time to play Xbox games. It’s so important to be able to enjoy time apart as well as time together and setting boundaries is the perfect way to make those work.

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Minimalise Your Stuff

Before moving in with your partner, I would 100% recommend having a clear out. You wold not believe how much stuff you have accumulated on your own and how many things you could get rid of. Having as much space as possible for you to both fill with both of your things is so important for a relationship.

Enjoy it!

Moving can be a stressful time and giving up your own space can be daunting for some, but my best tip would be to just enjoy it! Enjoy each other’s company and lap up the extra time you get to spend together. It’ll all be worth it in the end.