New Year, Same Me?*

I love the New Year, it brings so many possibilities, so much optimism and so many new plans for the year ahead. But with that also brings a lot of pressure. Pressure to better yourself, pressure to make and stick to resolutions, pressure to even make resolutions! Yes Studio have released their New Year, Same You collection, full of #girlboss products which help you smash your new year resolutions. Their instagrammable survival kit is for girl like me, the girl trying her best but isn’t quite getting everything perfect this January. So whether you ate chocolate on the way home from the gym, accidentally watched 6 hours of Netflix in one sitting or ordered Deliveroo a few too many times, the Yes Studio products have got your back.

So here are the things that I am currently making my best attempt at resolution-ing this New Year!


For me, one of my biggest resolutions is organisation. I always want to be more organised, have my sh** together a little bit more and just stop procrastinating for hours each day. I love routine and I love giving a structure to my day, so the Yes Studio daily planner is an absolute god-sent for me. The planner comes with two pages which you can fill with your tasks/ goals/ to-do’s every single day. Oh and the time-blocking section is actually really fun to work out. I’ve been using this every day since the new year and cannot stress how much it is helping me out with staying organised.

Shorten my morning routine

I am awful when it comes to getting ready. I sing, I play around with makeup, I take 20 minutes to drink my coffee and before I know it I have been sat at my dressing table for an hour without actually getting anything done. I have decided to start setting myself a timer to try and speed up the process of getting ready.


Another resolution of mine was to drink more, more tea counts too right?

Stop carrying round a bag of cra*

I am the WORST PERSON when it comes to whats in my bag. I honestly don’t know how it happens, but somehow I end up with 10 lipsticks, 8 pens and 2,000 receipts. Not cool. Now I am trying to stick to the basics; purse, keys, pocket mirror, 1 lipstick and 1 pen. Wish me luck.

Each resolution I am working on, I can tackle with the yes Studio products as they remind me that, hey, life ain’t perfect and it’s okay not to get it right all the time. You can also get 15% off Yes Studio products with the code PETITE150FF you are WELCOME!

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This is a sponsored post with Yes Studio*