How To Style Knee High Boots


Okay but is there any trend more classic than knee high boots? I think not.


Knee high boots come back in EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. and I am here for it. As someone who has never been a fan of her legs, you would think that a boot which is all about the leg would be something that I run in the opposite direction from. But alas, here we are.


I actually find that wearing knee high boots is so flattering on the leg. I used to make the mistake of going for over the knee boots and let me tell you that as someone who has thunder thighs.. OTK boots are not the one. They just emphasise that roll you get going on over the boot and they fall down and they just are not cute. Not cute.


But knee high? We are all for.


I’ve really thrown myself into the knee high boot trend this year and am loving how many different ways there are to style them up. So of course, I am sharing all of these ways with you guys. I’m here to serve, what can I say?



With skirts

Winter is NOT THE ONE when it comes to skirts because bare legs? Have fun freezing to death. Tights? Get ready to spend your day hiking those bad boys up.

And along comes the knee high boots to save the day.

They look so cute with little skirts in the winter. Style them with a chunky knit and you are golden. I was actually so snuggly in this outfit and it was COLD out, let me tell you. I find having that pop of leg looks so cute but the fact that most of your leg is covered means you don’t freeze your tits off. Yes that is the technical term.



With Leather Leggings

Okay so you guys know my obsession with the leather trend at the minute. I don’t need to keep harping on about it. But styling knee high boots with a pair of leather leggings is SO CHIC and SO CUTE. I can’t even.
I feel like it gives such a cool country girl vibe, like you’re about to go ride a horse then drive home in your Range Rover. Do you feel me?



Under trousers. 


Well my friend, the point is warmth. I actually love wearing knee high boots under trousers to give me that extra layer of warmth which no one knows is there. I also find that knee high boots are often really flattering on your ankles and so look hella cute just poking out from underneath your trousers.


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