A Little Bit Of Interior


WELL WELL WELL things are changing a little bit around here and my am I excited for it. If you didn’t see my announcement, I’m moving!! All the way from the midlands back down south (where I truly belong). I’m officially going to be able to start calling myself a London blogger. From the girl who used to hate the bit city, now I’m planning to move down there!


But with a new move means a new flat and, of course, I have been doing my homework (which actually just means that I have been spending hours scrolling through homeware sites).


I loved our first flat, absolutely loved it. It was our first proper home and the first place we had ever lived where we could really put our stamp on it. The flat was amazing and really taught me what I want in a home. It’s also taught me a few lessons in what I don’t want and what I want to steer clear of.


So seeing as I’ve collated such a huge homeware wish list, I of course want to share it with you. I’m also planning on starting up my home diaries again and showing you around the new flat, highlighting my fave ideas, what works, what doesn’t. And of course, keep you updated on all the cute homeware finds I stumble upon.


So here’s to the next journey and to the petite home 2.0!