How To Shop Smart This Black Friday


I know we don’t celebrate Thanks Giving over here but what more is there to be thankful for than masses of sales and great deals? That’s right, Black Friday is back with a bang and this year is going to be bigger than ever. It’s one of the American traditions I am V happy that we’ve adopted over here…


But with Black Friday coming up comes a great deal of anxiety. The many sales, discount codes and deals can be so overwhelming.

As a girl who has a TONNE of sale shopping experience, I thought that I would share my tips before the big sales hit.



Shop the Look


Know that not every deal is a good deal 


An easy rabbit hole to fall down is believing that just because something is marked in the sale, doesn’t make it a great discount. So many stores offer UP TO sales, which means that not everything is discounted to the same degree. Be careful to check how much you are really saving before making the splurge.


Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you need it 


Another easy rabbit hole to fall down is the one where you think you need it just because it is reduced. Plan ahead of black friday and make a plan of what you want to buy, that way you don’t waste any money on things you wouldn’t have bought anyway if it wasn’t on sale.



Utilise bloggers 


Bloggers, creators and Youtubers work really hard at this time of year to save you the time, hassle and challenge of shifting through pages and pages of sales. Make sure you check in with your favourite bloggers to see the sales they are loving and the pieces they have picked out as their top picks. Make sure to check back in here as I’ll be sharing my favourite deals, my top picks and the deals I think are worthing splurging in.