My Top Tips For Packing For A Winter Getaway

I love a winter getaway, get me off to somewhere cold, snow covered and giving me all the festive vibes. When it comes to packing for a winter holiday, it always starts with good intentions, but by the end of it my room looks like something that could resemble a Primark boxing day sale. So to save you and your next packing trip, I am teaming up with American Tourister to give my top tips for packing for a winter getaway.

Plan Your Outfits

Nothing is worse then panicking the night before your trips, shoving half your wardrobe in your suitcase and then not wearing half of the items you brought. So planning your outfits in advance is such a game changer. I like to plan day by day and try on each look, taking photos of every outfit. That way when I am away, I take the stress out of dressing!

Roll, Don’t Fold

My biggest packing game-changer is the rolling method. When it comes to fitting all your clothes in, the biggest space saver is rolling your clothes. Rolling will also stop creasing and keep your clothing pieces fresher for longer!

Look After Your Skin

When it comes to holidays, it can be so easy to forget to look after your skin- but keeping on top of your skincare routine is so important. Especially in winter, when it’s cold and bitter. At the moment I am LOVING using Bioderma products- their moisturiser is the best thing for dry skin. Literal life saver!

Layer up

Winter getaways require LAYERS. Be it thermals, scarfs, jumpers or coats, choosing the right layers are so important in staying cosy warm in somewhere bitter cold.