How To Create Fab Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a kind of controversial topic and I feel that a lot of people have got the wrong opinion about it. They think that just because it’s sponsored, you have sold your soul and are just telling a load of bull crap in order to make a bit of dollar. And in fact that is the complete opposite of what reality is for 90% of bloggers. (I can’t talk for everyone). In fact, when I get given an opportunity, it takes a lot for me to accept it and I WISH I could show you how many things I turn down.

When I do get an email from a brand, so many things get taken into consideration before I accept their offer; who are the brand? What do they stand for? Would I buy the product myself? Do I already own it?

Take this post for example, this is being sponsored by jewellery box, and I am sure that you have seen that this is not the first post I am working with them on. I love jewellery box. They are an amazing brand that creates high quality jewellery for such affordable prices! So when I work with them, I actually get so excited to show off their amazing jewellery and highlight my favourite pieces at the time. Their rings and earrings are something to awe at!

But when I first started blogging, I wont lie, I made a few mistakes. So this post is for the newbie bloggers. the ones who are new to sponsored content and new to the world of #ad.

Agency vs Brands

When I work with brands, it comes with a mixture of PR companies, agencies hired by the brand or the brand themselves. They are all very different to work with and come with all their pros and cons.

Personally, I love working directly with brands themselves, usually because they have a very clear idea with what they want and how they want to work with you. They are also usually more lenient with how they want the product to be promoted as they know you know how your audience will respond best.

Sometimes agencies are fab too, they are usually very quick to get back to you and ensure that you get paid by the brand quickly. So I don’t get completely put off if I see an agency reaching out. But just bare in mind who it is exactly that you are talking to and how you want to pursue your relationship with them.

Don’t be Shy

Sometimes a brand comes with me with an idea that just wouldn’t work with my blog, so don’t be afraid to tell them that you think a different angle would work better. Usually if you are upfront and honest with the brand, it makes them more inclined to work with you. It shows that you are truly passionate about the brand and are not just another blind sheep who just writes exactly according to the script.

Know When To Say No

The most important thing when starting to work with brands is having the balls to turn down an opportunity. Sure when a brand comes to you and says ‘ we can give you £££’ its very tempting, but if it goes against your blog, what you believe in or how you feel. Just. Say. No.

If anything else, it will gain respect from your followers if they see only true and honest content, rather than post after post promoting skinny tea and dog food.

Build a Long Term Relationship

One of my favourite things about working with a brand is building up a relationship with them, such as the relationship I have with jewellery box. I have worked with them lots in the past and don’t plan on stopping! Having a brand that you know you can trust and work with on a fun and friendly basis is honestly one of the best things about working with a brand.

Put In Time

One thing I always make sure to do when creating sponsored content is ensuring that the outcome is something that I am proud of, especially if I want to work with the brand again. I always want to be able to product content that is of my best ability, especially if I am being paid for it and being relied on by someone else.

I always put so much time into the photography and usually do a once or twice over of the writing, just to make sure that I haven’t made any booboos.

When the content looks like it has had time put into it, the brand are much more likely to love it and to want to promote it on their page.


This is SUCH an important part of working with brands. Not only is it THE LAW to declare sponsored posts, but it is just blooming manners. The amount of people that I have unfollowed because they are promoting clearly sponsored content without declaring it. I am always honest and transparent with my followers when a post is sponsored or an item was gifted. Because not only am I a huge advocate for honesty, but it’s also like HELL YEAR THIS BRAND LIKES ME SO MUCH THEY ARE GOING TO PAY ME TO WRITE A POST FOR THEM BIATCH.

So just don’t be a dick and don’t about when you’re getting paid.

A huge shoutout to jewellery box and their amazing collection of rings and earrings, My personal faves being the twisted ring and the (real) gold earrings- they are just so dainty and pretty and OMG I am obsessed! Head on over to jewellery box in order to shop the pieces I am showing! Links to all will be below.

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