Statement Pieces For Summer

When it comes to summer, statement jewellery pieces are a MUST. I love having a bit of sparkle or a funky pair of earrings to jazz up an outfit in the summer months. I am working together with Jewellery Box yet again to show you some of my FAVOURITE pieces from them that I am totally obsessed with for summer.

Hoop earrings are everywhere right now and I am loving this 90s throwback. I am totally loving sparkly hoops too, ones that catch in the light and just jazz up your look even more. These 90’s inspired hoops are so perfect, they aren’t too big that they take over the whole outfit, yet they are big enough to make a statement. I am LOVING wearing them for every summery night!

The hoop trend is expanding to more than just earrings. Its going to necklaces and bracelets now too! I am so in love with these hoop bits and love how well they match. The textured metal necklace makes it look so much more expensive than what it is and looks so pretty on a plain top at the focus piece.

And the bracelet is so simply but added with the necklace makes a gorgeous statement. These three pieces go so blooming well together I have been LOVING styling them this summer.

Pearl earrings have been a CLASSIC for such a long time. But I am loving this modern twist, having the double earring effect is so cool and contemporary. Whats more is that the 9 carat gold makes them feel soooo special. I am in love with wearing these on a summer date night or a fancy evening.

Statement rings are a hard thing to deliver without them being garish, but this cross over ring is the perfect option! I have been wearing this so often and always get so many compliments on it. GORGEOUS!