Being An Introvert In An Extroverts (Blogging) World

I am an introvert. I like staying in and I like being on my own and I like weekends alone. I blog from my bedroom and I only use photographers I am comfortable with. I take my photos on quiet streets and I would much prefer to connect over Instagram then over coffee.

I am an introvert.

But blogging seems to be an extroverted world. It is full of sassy girls who go to gorgeous coffee shops and are always meeting up with their friends for ‘blogger shoots’ and who attend each and every press trip with perfect lipstick and a gorgeous winged liner.

And I am bloody sassy. My boyfriend calls me the sass pot. The people who know me well know that when I’m with them I can’t stop talking. My followers on Instagram are always asking on tips on confidence and sassy-ness and generally being comfortable in front of a camera.

But I am just such an introvert at heart.

And it can be hard, being a blogger who doesn’t enjoy travelling down to London to sample a new lipstick or check out the spring collection. It and be hard being a blogger who doesn’t have a massive group of blogger friends to grab a coffee with and go to press trips together or attend London Fashion Week.

It can be hard. It can feel rather lonely and it can be almost damaging to my name.

But that’s just who I am. I would much rather type up a blogpost from the comfort of my bedroom then head out to London and take outfit snaps in the freezing cold.

So all hail the bedroom blogger. Let’s stop being ashamed of being an introvert and celebrate living life in our pjs. It’s time to change blogging from an extroverts world to a world where we do whatever the hell we want!