Calling All Glasses Wearers

I hate contacts. I always prefer to wear my glasses but it can be such a hassle with makeup!! I have learnt (the hard way) some tricks for when you want to wear makeup with your glasses on. So if any of you have the same struggle as me, hopefully this post will help you out.

Don’t go for spidery lashes

When it comes to mascara, I always try to avoid lengthening products. I like to go for lots of volume but when it comes to length, its the worst thing when you lashes are constantly hitting your lenses every time you blink!!! So be sure to avoid lengthening mascara, or fake lashes that would hit against the frame.


This is one of the biggest mistakes that one could make that comes to when wearing makeup with glasses. YOU MUST POWDER YOUR NOSE!! If you don’t, your foundation WILL RUB OFF and it WILL CLUMP AROUND YOUR FRAMES! Powdering your nose is one of the simplest things that can make such a difference to your makeup lasting when you wear your glasses.

Winging can be dangerous…

When it comes to winging your liner, you do have to be careful of your glasses shape. Sometimes when you overdo your liner it can make your eyes look a lot smaller. It does depend from glasses to glasses, but I would suggest that of you have hooded eyes or a strong prescription, winging our your liner is something to avoid.

Conceal them bags

Concealing under your eyes is a MUST when it comes to glasses. If you are sporting blue bags under your eyes they will be seriously highlighted by them. Especially when you have a strong prescription. So be sure to get your hands on a good concealer that wont crease or attract attention to your under eye circles.


It really helps to make your lips POP when you are wearing glasses. I find that it detracts a lot from my glasses and allows the attention to be brought more on my lips. That way I can look a lot classier and less geeky!

These are a few tips that I like to use when I am having a glasses day.