3 Apps For Instagram Photos

I did a post recently about how I edit my Instagram photos but I thought that I would do a follow up featuring a couple of apps that I love to use in order to get my Instagram posts looking the way that they do.

Firstly, I love the app PhotoWonder. It’s so simple and easy to use. First of all, it free so yay! But also, I love the simplicity of the navigation in the app. I don’t use all the features in it but my favourites are the sharpen and the natural effect. I find that it brightens my photos without whitening them to a degree that they look fake.

The next app that I love is usually for my person Instagram (@elliejanen1) but is PhotoGrid. This is basically a collage making app where you can piece together a bunch of photos and display them in one! I especially love this for friends birthdays when I want to display a bunch of cute (and not so cute) photos of us.

Lastly is the app Airbrush. Now I don’t use this for what you may be thinking. I actually use it to make my photos look more professional. Such as blurring the background in the photo or whitening a product that looks a little yellow. It’s such a good app for just giving that edge to your Instagram.

Let me know what apps you love to use for Instagram and how you use them!