Decluttering and How I Am Trying To Be A Minimalist

I am trying to be a minimalist. It has always been a goal of mine to cut back on the amount of STUFF that I have and just stop hoarding things for hoarding sake. Some people like a bit of clutter and I am not one of those people. Then again some people love a totally minimal room with nothing in it and that’s not really my style either. But there is an in-between and I am determined to hit it.

I wont lie, it is made a lot harder being at uni. When you live at home you don’t need to think about kitchen things or living room things because that’s your parents possessions. And then when you have your own flat you can spread out a little and rooms don’t look as ‘full’. But when you’re at uni and you are in a house share, its hard. You kind of only have one cupboard in the kitchen and then your room to fill. And thats a very small space, especially when you’re a fashion blogger and seem to be accumulating more things as each day goes on.

My room is very full. Its got a hella lotta stuff in it and its hard to try and cut things down. But recently I have just felt like I have so much that I really DO NOT NEED. I mean does that ‘love’ sign really add anything to my life except mess? And is that coffee table book something that I am really going to read?

I feel like I have realised just how many pieces I have in here that I can really live without. And trust me, I am not going to be throwing out every decorative piece in my room. I am going to really focus on the Marie Kondo rule of ‘does it give you joy’? And of course that spare bottle of shampoo doesnt, and neither does the book I have been assigned to read…. But for the pieces that I don’t NEED and don’t REQUIRE to live, I really need to reassess. So goodbye spare makeup bag that I displayed on my window sill. Goodbye Pandora bag that is up purely to look pretty. Goodbye 10 nude lipsticks that are all a slightly different brown nude. Goodbye photo album that I have not looked at since 1999. It’s time to say goodbye.

And although I am not going to be completely GETTING RID of all this stuff, I am going to clear through a lot of it. Its either going to charity, on my Depop or some special pieces can go to my room back at home (thanks mum).

Especially when it comes to makeup, I feel like it is just such a WASTE to have so many items just sitting in a drawer. And lets be honest, no one needs 4 bronzers or 8 different mascaras. So its really time for me to take a good look at my makeup collection and bring it back to a more reasonable size.

I feel like a minimalist way of living is just so much healthier and makes you so much happier. It makes you appreciate the things you have a lot more and if you are only surrounded by things you love (the boring stuff can go away in cupboards) then surely you will just feel happier?!