Is The Blogging World Too Saturated?

Something that I have seen thrown around a lot is the word ‘saturated’. Particularly in describing the blogging community. So many people have been saying that there is ‘no room’ for new bloggers and the market is just to dense now.

To that I say bullsh*t.

Do you really think that Warner Bros aren’t going to bring out another movie just because lots of movies are out there?


Do new authors get told to not bother because there are already thousands of books on rotation.


In every industry there is room for growth. There is always room for new models and new actors and new films and new cars. So why is it such a taboo for a new BLOGGER to surface? Why do people roll their eyes and say ‘not another one’ when someone aspires to be their own creator. Why do fellow bloggers even say in an interview that there’s no more room for new comers.

Babe this isn’t mean girls, like you CAN sit with us.

I love supporting other bloggers and bringing each other up. A quote I heard recently said ‘thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle. And the life of that candle is not shortened.’

In short it is saying how we have a responsibility and a role to bring each other up. Light each others candles. And we wont be diminished whether we have 5 or 85 other candles lit around us.

As a blogger, I love how our community is growing. I bloody love how many new comers we have joining and I bloody love that we created a WHOLE NEW SECTOR of the advertising industry all by ourselves. Surely anyone new who wants to join the community should be celebrated, not torn down?

I for one just want to say that new bloggers are ALWAYS welcome, new photographers are ALWAYS welcome and new writers are (guess what) ALWAYS WELCOME.

The more people who join our world, the stronger we become. So in answer to the question on EVERYONES lips- is the blogging world too saturated?