Day To Night In London | The Birthday Edit

Another present that I received from my parents was a day to London in order to have afternoon tea at Claridge’s a special treat for my 18th. I was so excited when they told me because I watched the TV programme on it and it looks AMAZING! Seriously, if i was a millionaire, I would be there all the time! If you don’t know what Claridge’s is, its a super duper posh hotel in London, similar to the Ritz and is where famous people, millionaires and royalty stay when they come to London. So i was pretty excited to be heading there.

We decided to make a day of it and do a little bit of shopping in the morning, then head to Claridge’s for the afternoon. So outfit details are tricky. Clardige’s is super classy and posh, but walking round London in a dress looks a little silly… also, the weather was just rubbish! Felt like a day in September rather than a day in June.

For my day outfit, I went for a little denim jacket, you have all seen this jacket a million times and must be so bored of it!! But its my fave and i love it with funky trousers. I went for a little top from Whistles that i am just in love with. Its so comfy and can be dressed up or down depending. I wore these amazing funky trousers that I got from Debenhams recently and i am so obsessed with them! I normally DO NOT suit flares or baggy trousers, but i find that these are the first to look nice on me. I love them and you should not be surprised if they feature in many more blogposts! For shoes i went for these gorgeous little brown sandals but i must admit, I did regret the open toe a little!

During the day, we looked around Greenwich and Oxford street, so of course I had to pop into Selfridges and have a look at the makeup counters. I bought myself a little birthday present because that is totally allowed… you will have seen them in yesterdays birthday edit.. But I got the Charlotte Tilbury light foundation and the lipstick in Bitch Perfect. I LOVE THEM!!

Then for my night look, I wanted to change as little as possible, so all I did was change from my denim jacket (denim is NOT allowed in Claridge’s) into a leather one. This one is from Topshop and is super warm! I usually only wear it in winter but it was cold enough yesterday to whip it out. I also added a bit more lippy, I am wearing MAC’s brave which is my favourite nude by MAC. It is a gorgeous pink browny nude that reallycompliments my skin tone. I also added my little Marc Jacobs bag, which is such a dupe of the Chanel boy bag. Its a gorgeous crochet black and looks so elegant. I also added a pair of heels, which you cant see. But they were just a pair of black Cheslea boots that you can get practically anywhere!

Then at Claridge’s, we were given a gorgeous little round table and the decor was so pretty. Flowers. EVERYWHERE. I swear I was almost wanting to take their florists number and get a bouquet myself, they were just so stunning! Everyone around was justmade such a fuss over and looked like everyone was having such a good time. I had to take home two doggy bags of cakes because it was just so filling! Also, the staff there were the friendliest and nicest people I have ever met. They were so polite, and professional and I had lovey chats with them. They were never short of staff and even had a maid in the toilets to keep everything clean and to turn on the taps for me!! WHAAAAT?! And to top the afternoon off, the staff brought out a little platter at the end saying ‘Happy Birthday Eleanor’ which was the sweetest thing!

I had such an amazing and perfect day in London and a perfect birthday, All in all, i am a very lucky girl.