How To Avoid A Makeup Rutt

You all know that I love makeup. I am forever shopping for new products, picking up different things and seeing what other makeup bits other bloggers are enjoying. But sometimes I can find myself in a bit of a rut and just keep using the same products over and over again. It can be quite tricky when that happens, because i just stay in my comfort zone because I am in a rush or just lazy, but when I see how much makeup I have, I get so mad at myself for always sticking to the same few products. So I am going to talk through the ways in which I prevent, get myself out of a makeup rut.


If you are like me and you realise that you aren’t using all of your makeup, that is a wake up call to sort through your stuff and get rid of things you don’t use. If it helps, get everything out and lay it all on the floor then sort it into a keep pile, a maybe pile and a donate/bin/sell pile. With the makeup that I have barely used or is untouched, I will sell on Depop (my username is petiteelliee_ if you want to follow me). Some of my makeup I will give you others, like friends and family. But if its old, I will just bin it. Its not worth risking old makeup, because your face is so important, its not worth putting on old grotty makeup.


I find that having a good storage for your makeup is so important. I used to keep all my makeup in separate little Muji drawers, but actually this technique has not worked as for me, as I just could not see all of the products that I owned and they weren’t getting used. So I relocated all of my makeup into a large drawer and prefer this so much more.

More love?

If you have a few products that need a bit more love, but them in a drawer or makeup bag to ensure that you can see them lots and get some use out of them. When you start using it more and more, but it back where you store the rest of your makeup.


It only takes clearing through your makeup to realise just how much you own. I am really trying to stop myself from buying makeup for the sake of it. It is really important to limit yourself on the makeup you splurge on to things that you really want (or need). That way you wont find yourself with stashes of makeup that you don’t use.