Starting A Bullet Journal

So I have started a bullet journal! That’s something I never really thought I would hear myself say to be honest. I was never AGAINST bullet journals but I just didn’t think that they would really help me in all honesty. I kinda just saw it as a way of procrastination and dodging the things you actually need to do.


I wont lie, it was changed by Becca Rose. I have been following her on youtube for a while and when I saw her ‘plan with me’ video, I jumped on it. I have been really making a conscious effort to be more organised and plan my life better. Now that I am an adult who lives on my todd, I have learnt the hard way that planning is essential if you don’t want to screw yourself over.

When watching her video, I was TOTALLY inspired not only to get my hands on a big calendar that shows you the whole month ahead, but also inspired to get myself a bullet journal. She really sold me on the idea!

In all honesty, I think the reason why I was against it before was because of pure ignorance; I didn’t really understand what the bullet journal can do and how you can use it. I thought it was just about doodling and writing down your goals for the year and writing to do lists. BUT NO! I have learnt mainly that you can use your bullet journal to do whatever the hell you want. If you want to keep a track of the amount of water you drank that day, do it! If you want to display a calendar for the month, you can! If you want to give yourself pages for doodling, go for it girl!

The main lesson I have learnt is that you can do whatever the hell you want with your bullet journal; you do you, boo.

So I have now got me own. I use this GORGEOUS Kate Spade notebook that I was given for Christmas and couldn’t think of a good way to fill it. Although this doesn’t have the bullets and so TECHNICALLY isn’t a proper bullet journal but YOU DO YOU BOO.

I have had so much fun starting a bullet journal. I was a little worried about starting it in April, but you know what? Who cares when you start!! It really doesn’t matter because the journal is for you and you alone. You can start half way through a month if you really want.

I love the freedom you have with a bullet journal, whatever inspires you can be reflected in the journal. I have been using pinterest as a way of inspiration with my journal and have actually created a bullet journal feed if you want to give me a cheeky follow HERE. Its so much fun seeing how others fill the space and experimenting with what works for me.

I have been having so much fun with my bullet journal and I hope to inspire you to start your own. UP THE BULLET JOURNAL GIRLS!