The Three CT Bases For Every Occasion

So recently I was sent one of the dreamiest packages from Charlotte Tilbury, which really resulted in a pinch me moment. ( I mean who wouldn’t squeal just a little if they got sent dreamy foundations from the Queen herself??) In the package was the 3 famous Charlotte Tilbury foundations that I have been dying to try for MONTHS. (bar the light wonder because you know I have been obsessed with that for over a year). And although I never made an agreement with CT about making a blogpost, and I am not being sponsored to talk about them yada yada, I wanted to chat you through the three foundations and talk about them each individually and why they are literally the only three foundations you need in your collection in order to be sorted for literally anything.

I am going to start with the lightest coverage first; the healthy glow. Now this is labelled as a tinted moisturiser, but can be worn under other foundations and I have tried both, and its totally true! You can do either, whichever works for you. I believe that this only comes in one colour and I do find that without a tan, its waaaaay to dark for me, even when I really work it into my skin. My favourite way to wear this is to layer another foundation over the top and I find that it gives such a healthy glow (ha ironic) and just makes my skin illuminate.

Next lets talk a little bit about the light wonder foundation ( but not too much). You guys know how obsessed with this I have been for like a year. It is by far the best light coverage foundation I own and is just amazing for any skin combination. I have quite dry skin and I find it so moisturising, whereas my friend is more oily and she still loves the formula! The only thing I would say with this is if you are looking to cover spots, keep moving. this foundation is fabby at evening the skin and makeing you look healthy and glowy.

If you are looking for something a little more heavy duty, then the magic foundation is the babe for you. I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to try it, as its been out so long and I have only ever heard good things about this! The formula is amazing and so great at covering any imperfections on my skin. My favourite part about this is it doesnt feel like you are plastering your skin in a coverage, but actually feels very moisturising, very healthy for my skin and during the day I don’t even feel it sitting there! I think this is actually my favourite of the three and has overtaken light wonder!!

I am so grateful for CT for sending me these foundations and have just been so excited using them. Do let me know if you purchase one of these three and what you think of them!