My Top Tips For Working From Home

I am a blogger. I work from home. I love working from home. I also hate working from home.

If you are a freelancer or something equal, you may also be facing the same love/ hate relationship with the location of your job. Working from home is the BEST, you can wake up when you want, have lunch when you want and use a nice clean bathroom at any time. But its also really tough, I have to stop myself from taking too many trips to the kitchen, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get up and get on with work, and it can be really difficult to get in the working mood.

But being a blogger for a good few years now means that I have had my fair experience from working from home and although I am not perfect, I feel like I have mastered my way of getting the most out of myself when working from home. So here are my tips for working from home.

Give yourself a separate space

My ultimate goal is to have my own home office one day, but alas I have to work with what I got. But my utlimate tip is to give yourself a separate space where you can work. Whether thats a whole separate room, or just a desk. Its so important to keep your work separate to your home life. DONT work on your bed or infront of the TV or even at the kitchen table. These things should be kept away from work and away from your job.

Set realistic goals

Being my own boss can be dangerous because I set myself unrealistic goals and expect too much from myself. This can be so demoralising when you don’t achieve what you wanted. By being realistic with your time, you can achieve a lot more than you think!

Make a schedule

Set an alarm, have some breakfast and then get to work. Set yourself a lunch hour when you can step away from your desk and just enjoy some ‘me’ time. Set a time where you end your working day. By giving yourself a schedule each day, you will train your body to work during working hours, and switch off when it needs to. This will allow you to get the balance between your work and home.

Being your own boss and working from home is one of my favourite parts of my job! Provided I follow these rules. I hope they help you get more out of your time working from home.