4 Days In Paris | What I Wore

Can you believe that I am 18 years of age, live in Britain and, until last week, had NEVER been to Paris? I mean I have been a few times to Disney land as a kid but not the actual city of Paris. The city of love and excitement and adventure and croissants and the Eiffel Tower and pretty balconies and fresh flowers. I was SO EXCITED TO BE GOING.

So when me and my sister booked our little trip, I immediately got onto outfit planning. I mean its PARIS. You can’t not plan outfits for Paris…

On our first day, we couldn’t NOT go and see the Eiffel Tower so enjoy some rather stereotypical touristy photos while I pose in front of the famous land mark (for anyone who lives in Paris and is seriously cringing at how much of a tourist I was… #SORRYNOTSORRY).

You may recognise this white bardot tee that I am wearing, I featured it in my Turkey Lookbook. Its so soft and comfy to wear. Also the weather forecast was telling us about 30 degrees so I knew I needed something light and breathable. I paired it with these cute blue denim distressed jeans that are just my FAVE at the moment. They are so comfy and really easy to style. Loads of highstreet shops are doing them at the moment which I am NOT complaining about!

I also have on my Adidas superstars (be prepared to see them in 3/4 days) because they are the comfiest thing to walk around in and were one of the few shoes that didn’t give me blisters after 7 hours of walking. I have the original black and white but would really love to get my hands on a funky stripe pair!

You may also have noticed that I have the same bag in every post, this is because I just took my Michael Kors tote with me; it’s light, its stain proof (as much as a bag can be) and its the perfect size to carry around all my tourist crap with me!


The next day was BAKING hot. Like I had to double check that I had not accidentally landed back in Turkey it was SO BLOOMING HOT! So on this day I wore a little playsuit that I am so obsessed with. Its black and has a very nineties high neck (which means you do have to wear a strapless bra dammit) but the playsuit is so comfortable and easy to wear. I love how it looks really classic because its black but is really easy to style. It was actually really comfortable walking around Paris in and I was surprised to not chafe at all. Blooming miracle with these thighs!!

Of course I am styling this with my adidas superstars. I found that they made it look more casual and relaxed for exploring Paris.

My favourite outfit is this gorgeous black funky pants look. You may recognise these wide leg trousers… I featured them in this blogpost here and here is another way you can see me wearing them! I paired them with this really cute top with the frill detailing on the sleeves. I really love how its high neck as I have such a short torso that it really balances out my body proportions. I seriously love how these trousers pair with these sandals. I think it makes a more formal look, more casual and summery. IN LOVE!

On our last day, me and my sister decided to buy matching tees so that we could look really cool (HA JOKES) so we found these really cute subtle touristy tees that say ‘Paris’. I loooove the baseball, american style of these and tucked into mom jeans is just PARFAIT! I got these mom jeans from Topshop and I am obsessed with them- no joke. Of course I am wearing my superstars, of course.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, giving you a little insight into my Parisian style and showing you what I wore!