How To Style The Trend Of Season


You can’t have missed THE trend this Autumn… or maybe you have? I don’t know what your shopping habits are.

But this Autumn has seen the return of leather (or pleather I might add). Everyone and their dog are donning their cutest leather looks this autumn and I am HERE for it.

I never used to be much of a leather wearer – I just found it a bit too *noisy* a fabric. But since discovering pleather my word has been changed. It’s stretchy, it’s not squeaky, it’s cute, it’s cruelty free. It’s a bit of me, it is.

I have been LOVING the leather (ahem, pleather) trend this Autumn so thought that I would show you my favourite ways that I have been styling it.



Leather coated jeans

Something that I have seen popping up again and again is coated jeans. This pair here were a v kind gift from New Look and I just adore how they look. Not quite full blown leather trousers but not quite jeans… a cute lil’ in between that can be worn day and night for an effortlessly chic outfit.



The leather belted coat

Okay I couldn’t talk about this trend without mention the item of clothing I have been wearing EVERYDAY this autumn. The leather belted coat is a STAPLE in your wardrobe this year and something I don’t see going anywhere for a while. This H&M number has been out of stock for slimming WEEKS but I have found some similar alternatives I’ve linked here.

And talking of the coat I’ve been wearing all season…


Coloured leather

You may have noticed a serious increase in coloured leather this year and I am LOVING this transition. I must admin, brown lather is my absolute favourite, so seeing it coming into the trend so much makes me a v happy bunny.



The detail leather boots

This is a trend I am welcoming with open arms this autumn. Of course the classic boots come back in every year but this Autumn I have seen the introduction of the more detailed boot. I absolutely adore this brown pair because they just add so much power to an outfit. I get complimented SO MUCh when I wear them and honestly I can see why.


Double leather

You’ve heard of wearing double denim but welcome to the introduction of double leather. I used to think that wearing more than two leather pieces in an outfit was way to biker chic and a big no no but how the tables have turned.

I have been having so much fun styling my different leather pieces together and can proudly say that I will even triple leather. Who even am I?


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