Generation Scroll

When it comes to supporting the people you like and follow, all it takes it a second. A second to like, a second to follow, a maximum of 3 seconds to comment. Yet here we are living in ‘generation scroll’.

I have never been a scroller. I have always been a like-every-pic-on-my-feed-or-go-home kinda gal. When I look through my Instagram feed I like pretty much every single one of the photos on there. Which I always thought of as normal.

But apparently not.

It only occurred to me when my sister said ‘why the hell are you liking them all’, to which I gave her a very confused look. I mean if I am following someone, it’s clearly because I like their content. So why would I refrain from liking their content.

Turns out more people than I ever thought were team scroller and would very rarely click the ‘like’ button.


Surely if you are following someone, then you like the content they produce. And if you like the content they produce then why would you not show it? Giving your support and telling them how fab they are is such an easy thing to do that makes SUCH a big difference to content creators. If anything, I find that supporting others usually increases how much I enjoy the app and also usually pushes up my engagement- so there’s always that!

So to those who are a part of generation scroller, let’s turn it into generation supporters.