Worth The Splurge? Let’s Talk Luxury


I love a luxury item. I swoon over the displays in Selfridges. I spend my evening scrolling through Netaporter’s New In section. I lust over colours and designs and fabrics….


But to tell you the truth, I’m broke.


I am not Lydia Millen and cannot afford multiple designer bags (although if you argue that that is not the dream then you are a liar, sir). So when it comes to buying luxury pieces, I have to weigh up what is worth investing in and what I am going to make my money back on. I think I can count on one hand the number of designer items I own, but I have lost track of the many, many times I have worn each item.


You see it’s all about cost per wear- the more you wear something, the better the cost-per-wear and you’ve basically made money on that purchase. I mean, maybe not but just go with me on this.



So what makes an item worth the splurge and how do I know if it will give me a good cost per wear?


Well I hear you, young Padawan, and I am here to give you my best advice on this. You see I see so many people make the mistake of buying on trend. Buying something because everyone on their Instagram feed has it and it’s so hot right now. Well I am here to tell you that if you are not Victoria from InTheFrow, then who cares if it’s on trend or not. If you are looking to invest in just one item which you want to stand the test of time and don’t have a job which requires you to be posting the hottest trends then trend does not matter. Buy what you love, whether it’s hot on the catwalk now or not. And before investing, make sure you really love it. Give yourself 6 months to wait, keep an eye on it, keep asking yourself if you still are as in love as when you first laid eyes on it. If after 6 months you are still dying to get your hands on it, then I garuntee you’ll still love it in 6 years time.


When it comes to fabrics, you also need to be weary of what you are buying. Smooth leather, suede and soft leather are all fabrics which have been proven NOT to stand the test of time. After a few months they look worn, they look tired and they don’t look like you send 4 digits on the price tag. Look into the durability of the fabric and choose something that you know will stand the test of time.


COLOUR. When it comes to buying bags, I think colour is such an important factor. I mean sure that red bag looks cute, but will it go with every outfit? And sure that white bag is STUNNING but will it last more than a month? Something classic, hard wearing and durable should be top of your priority.


When to buy. This is a massive tip here- pick your timing wisely!! Sites like Netaporter or Flannels do amazing deals and could save you £££. Netaporter actually have 15% off their spring line with the code NETAPORTER15 which could save you hundreds of pounds!!


Shop it HERE


Keeping an eye out on these deals and make the most out of these money saving times! I’ve even put together a little list of some of the best pieces from this range, and items that you will save a great deal of money on! You are welcome!