A Petite Girl’s Guide To Jeans


What are you wearing?


Jeans and a nice top.


Said every girl, at least once in her life. Jeans are the basis of any outfit. They are the butter that holds the bread together. They are a fundamental in every wardrobe and are such a staple piece to any outfit.



But being a petite girl and finding the perfect pair of jeans? Not so easy, my friend, let me tell you.


My have no fear, my petite ass has been around long enough to scout out the best jeans and I have learn the hard way what jeans you really need to steer clear of! So here is my guide to petite jeans for a petite gal like me.



Choose your cut

Choosing your cut is so important when choosing the right jeans for you, I prefer to always go for a cropped look, because being able to flash off a bit of ankle makes you look 10 x taller. Straight leg are my favourite style, I find them so flattering and so comfortable to wear! I also prefer to go for a non-stretch fabric as I find that they hold their shape so much better and wear really well throughout the day. I’ve linked some of my favourite pairs which I can vouch for their durability and wearability.



Skinny minnie

We all love a pair of skinny jeans, but choosing the right pair is so important. I’ve linked some of the best skinny jeans that I know that really stand the test of time.